A site by Hotels.com encourages people to substitute their faces and the faces of friends for those of actors in videos that nod to “The Hangover.” In a Web promotion reminiscent of the movie, Hotels.com is encouraging people to cast themselves in their own hotel misadventures by substituting their faces and the faces of friends for those of actors in provocative videos. On a site for the campaign, TripYourFace.com, a user can upload a photo from a Facebook profile and profile photos of up to three friends. After choosing the actors to superimpose the faces onto, users crop uploaded faces, adjusting brightness and color to match those of the actors, and then are taken to a screen that features a hotel room in New York, Las Vegas or Paris. As in “The Hangover,” each features a tableau of unconscious characters in a room in disarray. In Paris, for example, feathers are strewn all over a room where four blindfolded musicians, in formal attire, are slumped over their instruments, a fencer in a white outfit and mask is asleep in a chair, and Dennis Rodman, the retired basketball player, is passed out shirtless in a bed along with two lingerie-clad women. Clicking one of three play buttons in the scene prompts a video “flashback” that helps piece together the scene: for Paris, one clip shows the two women in a pillow fight, then tearing off Mr. Rodman’s shirt as he sprays the room with Champagne. But with the face substitutions, one actress ripping off Mr. Rodman’s shirt can instead be a Facebook user’s friend. And a segment of the video, starring that unwitting friend, can be posted directly to her Facebook profile, which Hotels.com of course hopes will prompt her to visit the Trip Your Face site and subsequently engage other friends in the campaign.