Wonderful Pistachios kicked off the fifth season of its iconic "Get Crackin´" campaign, celebrating the unique and unusual ways pop culture icons crack open a pistachio. This year´s highly anticipated line-up includes five-time NBA champion, Basketball Hall of Famer, and peace advocate Dennis Rodman. The Wonderful Pistachios brand features upscale, premium packaging and a bold contemporary look, appealing to a sophisticated, health-conscious consumer. Wonderful Pistachios are grown in Lost Hills, California, part of the San Joaquin Valley, the agricultural heartland of California. Grown, processed and packaged by Paramount Farms, Wonderful Pistachios are available at retail outlets and grocery stores nationwide and are available in a variety of sizes. For more information about Wonderful Pistachios or the "Get Crackin´" campaign, visit facebook.com/wonderfulpistachios and twitter.com/getcrackin.