Dennis Rodman recently was invited to attend the 2012 Bulgarian Basketball All-Star Game. Serving as the special guest, Rodman was extremely friendly during a press conference that preceded his participation in the show that took place in Sofia. Besides attending the game, Rodman held the press conference and lectured Bulgarian youngsters on the specifics of his preparation before basketball games. During the game, Rodman attracted more than 6,000 fans in Sofia’s newest arena to watch the game and meet the NBA Hall-of-Famer. “I was surprised to see so many people out here. I never knew how popular basketball is in Bulgaria. It was a good day for everyone,” said Rodman. “This is the event of the century for Bulgaria´s basketball. Not because of the money, but since it would be a step forward in this sport´s development in the country,” commented Stefan Avgustinov, organizer of the all-star show.