November 04, 2008
Dennis Rodman in China

Dennis Rodman recent went to China, from November 4th through November 12th, in order to coach and play in basketball games. These contests were set up to raise money for families affected by the recent and devastating natural disasters in China. The games raised a significant amount of money to help their cause. This was Rodman´s first time playing basketball in about 1 year, since his Rodman´s Bad Boy squad took on the mighty Harlem Globetrotters. The Worm played two games against a Chinese professional team and finished with one victory and one defeat. Both games were sell outs and the fans were treated to a great show. While in China, Rodman also visited some of the cities in Jinjiang and participated in some autograph sessions. The Chinese are big basketball fans and love the NBA. Even people who didn´t speak a word of English knew how to say, "Rod-e-man" well enough to ask for a picture or autograph.